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2021 Racing Schedule:

Open Practice in May, date to be determined

 Wed. Night  June 2 2021

 Wed. Night  June 9 2021

Wed Night  June 16 2021 Cadet B Triple 20’s

Wed Night  June 30 2021 Cadet A Triple 20’s

Wed Night  July 7 2021 Briggs Sr Triple 20’s

Wed Night  July 14 2021 L206 Kids B Triple 20’s

Wed Night  July 28 2021 L206 Kids A Triple 20’s

Wed Night  Aug. 4 2021 L206 Jr Triple 20’s

Wed Night  Aug 11 2021 Shifters Triple 20’s

Wed Night  Aug 18 2021

Sun  Aug 29 2021 Fun Day / Awards

Sun Sept 12 2021 Fun Day / Awards rain date

Schedule subject to change without notice


Congratulations to our 2020 Track Champions,

From Left to right

#18x Walker Fitch, Cadet A Class

#6 Bryan Boutin, Shifter Kart Class

#11 Calvin Noel, Briggs Jr Class

#712 Ethan Jaques, L 206 Kids Class

#13 Nathan Royea, Briggs Sr Class

#87  Aaden Morgan, Cadet B Class


It was a beautiful day,  and a great way to end the 2020 season.   We didn’t realize how much fun we could have in one afternoon at the track.  I think the parents had more fun than the youngsters.   A VERY HUGE THANK YOU to Nathan and Cecil Royea for supplying the 5 bumper karts that we all had so much fun in.  I think we put hundreds of laps on those karts.   The company was good, the food was great, the on track fun was amazing, and our 2020 Champions were well recognized.  


Congratulations to all of our 2020 competitors for having such a great season.   In the 14 years we have had our track,, I think this season was the most fun and enjoyable, and it takes all of you to make it that way.  To watch some of our young racers friendships develop over the summer of racing is rewarding.   To watch these young racers skill set behind the wheel of their kart develop is even more rewarding.  



Thank Track officials

Keith Blow,  flager

Jen Fitch,  Scales

Tonya  Cheney,  Grid Steward

Karen Blow,  Pit Steward

Don Angalino ,  Emt / Infield flager

Sidny Day,    Emt

Brandon Tessier,   Infield Flager / Technical inspection

Kevin Hebert,   All around helper , pits, track infield

Mike Pelkey ,  Scoring

Todd Stratton,   Scoring

Matt Bergeron ,  Scoring

Sarah & Maddy Hebert,   Concession Stand

We look forward to seeing you all in the spring, but rest assured we are already working on some changes to improve things for our 2021 season.

If you, or someone you know is interested in getting involved in kart racing,, our track is the place to do it..  Contact jeff at 839-0486  Vt Shifter Karts,   or call Nathan at 249-0678 Vermont Kart Company to get your questions answered and get started with introduction in your karting experience.


Thank you all for a WONDERFUL 2020 SEASON.

Jeff and Karen