Race Results

Good Afternoon Vt Shifter Karts Family,

Mother nature is reminding us that it is that Fall Season.   With temperatures in the upper 40s and lots of heavy gray clouds in the sky, we were able to get our 8th event of the season completed before the rain arrived.   With 46 karts in the pits, it was a little light on kart count, but the quality of racing on the track sure was amazing.   Our newest, largest, youngest group of racers,, the L206 Kids B class,  well they just are amazing.  Earlier in the year this young group of rookie racers took over 25 minutes to run a 12 lap heat race.  Today, they ran their entire 30 lap Endurance race from green to checkers in 17 minutes with no yellow flags.  The level of improvement for this age group has truly been amazing to watch. 

Thank you to Cleveland Quality Care from Greensboro, Vt for their sponsorship.   Your contribution truly does make a difference.

Race Results from Oct 15 2023  Season Ending Endurance Events

Cadet B Class,   7-10 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine 
30 Laps

1st        #95            Kaylie Blouin                         Washington, Vt           

2nd    #132           Graysen Murphy                          Barre, Vt

Cadet A Class   8-12 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine
40 Laps

1st        #46          Bryson Boutin                       Williamstown, Vt

2nd     #51            Wesly Clark                           Sharon, Vt

3rd    #48            Owen Dupuis                        Washington, Vt

L 206 Sr Heavies 15 years old and up,, Briggs and Stratton Engine
50 Laps

1st        #612        Tyson Blouin                         Washington, Vt

2nd       #75          Teddy Gilman                       Barre, Vt

3rd       #27           Corey Gillander                     Barre, Vt

L 206 Sr Lights  15 year olds and up,   Briggs and Stratton Engine
50 Laps

1st        #90          Brett Pierce                           Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #112        Garrett Lavoie                       Swanton, Vt

3rd       #5             Brandon Tessier                    Barre, Vt

L 206 Jr B Class  12 years to 15 years of age, Briggs and Stratton Engine
50 Laps

1st        #72          Bentley Conlon                      Fairfax, Vt

2nd       #95          Fletcher Pratt                         Barre, Vt

3rd       #55           Natalie Clark                         Sharon, Vt

L 206 Jr A Class  12 years to 15 years of age, Briggs and Stratton Engine
50 Laps

1st        #9nh        Calvin Jarvis-Comi                Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #87          Aaden Morgan                      South Royalton, Vt

3rd       #99          Andrew Achilles                    Waitsfield, Vt

L 206 Kids B Class 7 to 10 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine
30 Laps

1st        #44          Weston Fregeau                    Colchester, Vt

2nd       #22          Brody Brick                            Bradford, Vt

3rd       #25           Ryan Potter                           Barre, Vt

L 206 Kids A Class, 8-12 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine
40 Laps

1st        #46          Bryson Boutin              Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #48          Owen Dupuis               Washington, Vt

3rd     #51             Wesly Clark                  Sharon, Vt

Shifter Class,  15 year olds and up, 80 cc honda cr80  engine with 6 speed transmission
50 laps

1st        #44          Chris Couture               Barre, Vt

2nd       #99          Andrew Achilles           Waitsfield, Vt

3rd       #55           Brandon Brown            Barre, Vt

Kid Kart class, 4-6 year olds, Comer 50cc engine

We had 4 kids karts in attendance

A special thank you to the track crew
Scoring – Todd Stratton, Matt Bergeron, Mike Pelkey
Registration – Karen Blow
Announcer – Richard Wobby
Grid Steward – Tonya Cheney
Scales – Doug Farnham
Flagger – Keith Blow
Infield Corner Worker – Shawn Cheney
Food Concession – Sarah Hebert
Emt – Natalie Mattson

We had a wonderful day at the track, Thank you to all participants and track crew.

This does conclude our 2023 Race Season.  I will turn my attention to a date for a banquet next,  Oh yes and the points for the 2023 season to determine who our 2023 Track Champions / King of the Ridge will be.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the track workers who gave up 8 Sundays so we could enjoy racing.  We are lucky to have so many dedicated track workers and many more dedicated families that support our little race track at Rocky Ridge Raceway.

Jeff and Karen Blow