Our next Race is Wed Night Aug 21 2019

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 information can always get more information  by emailing me, jeff@vtshifterkarts.com or call me at 802-839-0486.

Hello Vt Shifter Kart Racing Family,

Such a beautiful day yesterday, and we finished racing last night under an almost full big beautiful moon. We were lucky to have 31 karts in the pits making up 7 classes of racers from the young age of 4 up to the experienced age of mid 60s.. I must say that after watching our event last night,, remembering back to what the skill set was for these drivers at the beginning of the season, we are growing a terrific group of racers that will some day move on to some other racing venue that will be pleased to have these drivers with the skill set they are learning.

Congratulations to ALL of our competitors for putting on a good show last night Friends and family come to watch and support our racers, but they also want to see some good racing, not big wrecks. In any form of racing there needs to be some entertainment value to keep people coming back to watch more at future events. Our racers provided that entertainment value last night.

At the beginning of the season, we did allow folks to run new hossier tires they had from last season.. We are now beyond the point of using them and we ALL must be using MG Red tires now. Please be sure you have MG Red tires on your karts for the remainder of the season.

If you, or someone you know is interested in purchasing a new, or slightly used full length race suit, I have 7 of them in various sizes, mostly youth or small adult size. They can be purchased very reasonably priced.

We have a very busy schedule coming up,, next Wed Aug 21 is the ENDURANCE race, for ALL classes,  Shifters will get 20 minutes on the clock and all other classes witll get 10 minutes of green flag racing on the clock..

Then we go to Sunday August 25, our Boulder Classic event. The triple 25s for all classes. pit gates will open at 9:30 am practice will start at 10:30 am ONE QUICK ROUND OF PRACTICE, Then a post time of 11:30 am. Triple 25s for ALL classes,, be sure to check your tires and be sure you have good tires on,,, 75 laps of racing is a lot of laps for all of our racers.

Race Results from Wed. night August 14 2019

L206 Kids

1st #4 Tucker Gauvin

2nd #68 Ethan Jaques

3rd #9 Caleb Comi-Jarvis

Briggs Sr.

1st #13 Nathan Royea

2nd #5 Brandon Tessier

3rd #123 Brett Pierce

Briggs Jr

1st #9vt Owen Chenny

2nd #99 Zack Fassett

3rd #51 Effie Makris

Cadet B

1st #27 Will Marcotte

2nd #46 Bryson Boutin

3rd #78 Brody Edson

Cadet A

1st #18x Walker Fitch

2nd #95 John Wade

3rd #712 Ethan Jaques

Shifter Class

1st #55 Kevin Hebert

2nd #5 Brandon Tessier

3rd #6 Bryan Boutin

Congratulations drivers, you put on a great show for the spectators. Our next Event is Next Wed, Aug 21

See you there,

jeff and karen


Reminder,, if you know people looking for karts, there are several good karts available for sale… reach out to us and we can connect you with the sellers..

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Rules of the Road

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Directions to Rocky Ridge Raceway

400 Baptist Street, Graniteville, Vermont

From interstate I-89 get off at Exit 6, the South Barre exit., travel the 4 miles down the hill to stop light at Route 14 intersection. Go straight through the light uphill on Middle Road. Stay on Middle Road, it will turn into Graniteville Road. Drive past Quarry Hill Apartments on your left side. At the playground stay straight onto Baptist street, track entrance is apron 1/4 mile from the playground.

Contact ph # 802-839-0486

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