2021 Race Season

June 9th Race Results

Hello Vt Shifter Kart Family,

Our Second event for the season is behind us now. We sure had a perfect night for kart racing at Rocky Ridge. With 50 karts in attendance there was sure to be plenty of on track racing. We have an outstanding group of young racers that I know will have bright futures in front of them for racing. We as track officials, and parents, its our job to teach these young drivers to race clean and respectful. Put these young drivers on the right path to success. This is where I ask parents to help guide their youngsters to clean racing to a promising fun season. The other choice is to let bumping and pushing get in the way of having fun with the youngsters they are racing with. At these ages, fun, experience and life long friendships are made. As parents and track officials, lets be sure the right path is chosen.

We had an outstanding crowd to watch 50 young drivers take to the track, some for the very first time.

Race Results

Cadet A (7-12 year olds)
1st #18x Walker Fitch, Marshfield VT
2nd #27 Will Marcotte, Bakersfield VT
3rd #46 Bryson Boutin, Williamstown, VT
4th #51 Wesly Clark, Sharon, VT
5th #48 Owen Dupuis, Washington, VT

Cadet B (8-12 year olds)
1st #55 Natalie Clark, Sharon, VT
2nd #21 Treyton Marshall, East Barre, VT
3rd #3 Grayson Murphy, Barre, Vt
4th #10 Brit Foster, Burlington, VT

L 206 Jr A (12-15 year olds)
1st #9 Owen Cheney, Moretown, VT
2nd #11 Calvin Noel, Essex, VT
3rd #33 Brayden Murphy, Barre, VT
4th #14 Holly Hebert, Barre, VT

L206 Jr B (12-15 year olds)
1st #9nh Caleb-Jarvis Comi, Williamstown, VT
2nd #99 Andrew Achilies, Burlington, VT
3rd #4 Tucker Gauvin, Essex, VT
4th #11x Levi Laramore, Barre, VT

L 206 Kids A (8-12 year olds)
1st #86 Brayden Hatch, White River, VT
2nd #46 Bryson Boutin, Williamstown, VT
3rd #18x Walker Fitch, Marshfield, VT
4th #51 Wesly Clark, Sharon, VT
5th #87 Aaden Morgan, South Royalton, VT
6th #12 Lynkin Porier Burlington, VT

L206 Kids B (8-12 year olds)
1st #55 Natalie Clark, Sharon, VT
2nd #9 Ethan-Jarvis Comi, Williamstown, VT
3rd #3 Tyler Lemieux, Barre, VT
4th #25 Ryan Poter, Barre, VT
5th #22 Preston O’Donnell, Bradford, VT
6th #23 Madison Poter, Marshfield, VT

L206 Sr A (15 years and up)
1st #90 Brett Pierce, Barre, VT
2nd #5 Brandon Tessier, Barre, VT
3rd #27 Corey Gillander, Barre, VT
4th #11 Brad Griffin, Williamstown, VT
5th #13 Nathan Royea, Barre, VT

L206 Sr B (15 years and up)
1st #99 Zach Fassett, Williamstown, VT
2nd #107 Joel Grimes, Jeffersonville, VT
3rd #199 Travis Porier, Burlington, VT
4th #15 Levi Mulligan, Marshfield, VT
5th #37 Jim Paquette, Jeffersonville, VT

Shifters (15 years and up)
1st #9 Owen Cheney, Moretown, VT
2nd #36 Tegan Atkins, Northfield, VT
3rd #86 Holly Hebert, Barre, VT
4th #28 Bra Griffin, Williamstown, VT
5th #55 Logan Bailey, Barre, VT

We will be holding our next event Wed. night June 16 2021

Pit gates open at 4 pm , practice starts at 5 pm

Post time 6:15 pm

Spectators are WELCOME and its Free for them to watch from outside the pit area. or visit us on facebook

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for June 9th

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