Fun Day 2021 Season Ending Awards

Good Morning Vt Shifter Karts Family,

We had a great day yesterday,,  our 2021 season ending gathering for FUN Day and 2021 Season Ending Awards.  

Thank Cecil and Nathan Royea
for use of their FUN KARTS

Thank  You 2021 Track officials

Keith Blow,  flagger

Jen Fitch,  Scales

Tonya  Cheney,  Grid Steward

Karen Blow,  Pit Steward

Don Angalino ,  Emt / Infield flagger

Sidny Day,    Emt

Brandon Tessier,  Technical inspection

Kevin Hebert,   All around helper , pits, track infield

Mike Pelkey ,  Scoring

Todd Stratton,   Scoring

Matt Bergeron ,  Infield flagger

Jack Whalen,   Infield Flagger

Sarah & Maddy Hebert,   Concession Stand

Ed Merrill, www 802   photographer

Mother Nature tried to dampen our spirits with a quick 5 min sprinkle  but we sure were not to be denied.   Thank you to Jockey Hollow Catering for a great meal,  Realbounce for the inflatable,,  I frankly think the inflatable got more use than the trace track.   We did have 110 racers try they hand with the fun karts for a total of 84 laps of fun by the parents,, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts,, track officials…   The day was full of good fun with all of our friends and family.   to view the photos from yesterday,,   they are very good,,,  be sure to check them out.

2021 Season Ending Points and King of the Ridge Champions

Cadet BKart #total2021
1 stNatalie Clark551441Queen of the Ridge
2 ndMalachi Young801393
3 rdGrayson Murphy31311
4 thBrit Foster101245
5 thTreyton Marshall21702
6 thPreston O’Donnell22468
7 thAubree Potvin41290
Cadet Ahart #total
1 stBryson Boutin461695King of the Ridge
2 ndWalker Fitch18x1677
3 rdWesly Clark511676
4 thOwen Dupuis481609
5 thWill Marcotte271588
Sr Bhart #total
1 stIm Paquette371411King of the Ridge
2 ndTravis ingraham171344
3 rdZacharey Fassett991310
4 thJoel Grimes1071201
5 thStevn Bennett761081
6 thJosh Foster43858
7 thBill Lemieux14834
Sr Ahart #total
1 stBrandon Tessier51764King of the Ridge
2 ndBrett Pierce901690
3 rdNathan Royea131673
4 thCory Gillander271656
5 thBrad Griffin111607
6 thLevi Mulligan151425
7 thTravis Porier1991308
Jr Bhart #total
1 stCaleb Jarvis Comi9nh1481King of the Ridge
2 ndTucker Gauvin41437
3 rdAndrew Achilies991433
4 thLevi Laramore11x1335
5 thIsaiah Ludlam661001
Jr Ahart #total
1 stOwen Cheney91703King of the Ridge
2 ndCalvin Noel111684
3 rdHolly Hebert141659
4 thBrayden Murphy331609
Kids Bhart #total
1 stNatalie Clark551433Queen of the Ridge
2 ndPreston O’Donnell221256
3 rdMalachi Young801253
4 thRyan Potter251227
5 thTreyton Marshall41195
6 thMadison Potter231132
7 thTyler Lemieux31040
8 thOwen Dupuis48996
9 thEthan Jarvis Comi9856
10 thEvan Folsom84574
Kids Ahart #total
1 stWalker Fitch18x1721King of the Ridge
2 ndWesly Clark511708
3 rdBryson Boutin461679
4 thLynkin Porier121617
5 thAaden Morgan871581
6 thBrayden Hatch861265
shiftershart #total
1 stTeagan Atkins361645King of the Ridge
2 ndOwen Cheney91617
3 rdHolly Hebert861509
4 thBrad Griffin281340
5 thKevin Hebert55705
6 thDerrick Mann27540
7 thBrandon Tessier5210

Now with the 2021 Season conclusion, its time for rest, relaxation, and planning for the 2022 season.

Thanks to all of our racers, and track officials,   without all of you, our track would be very quiet.   I look forward to watching some of our current racers in the very near future as they move onto bigger and better vehicles to race..

Until next season.

Jeff and karen blow