July 27 2022 Race Results,

Thank you to WC Heating of Williamstown, Vt for sponsoring our 7th event of the 2022 racing season.  It was a beautiful night for racing under the lights and the racing was definitely was exciting.  Evening the younger entry level drivers that are that age group of 7 – 10 year olds did a great job and showed off some of their skillset with some close but respectful racing.  With 69 karts in the pits there was bound to be some excitement on the track.   With 9 Shifter karts taking to the road course, it sure was exciting to watch.

Race results from July 27 2022

Race Results from Wed night June 22 2022 sponsored by WC Racing of Williamstown, Vt

Cadet B Class,   7-10 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine

1st        #81            Evan Folsom                        Barre, Vt

2nd      #132         Grayson Murphy                   Barre, Vt

3rd      #22           Preston O’Donnell                 Bradford, Vt

Cadet A Class   8-12 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine

1st        #18x        Walker Fitch                          Marshfield, Vt

2nd       #51          Wesly Clark                          Sharon, Vt

3rd       #27          Will Marcotte                         Bakersfield, Vt

L 206 Sr Heavies 15 years old and up,, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #99          Zachary Fassett                    Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #37          Jim Pauquette                      Isle Lamonte, Vt

3rd       #74          Lee Bell                                Barre, Vt

L 206 Sr Lights  15 year olds and up,   Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #90          Brett Pierce                           Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #5            Brandon Tessier                   Barre, Vt

3rd       #27X        Derrick Mann                         Barre, Vt

L 206 Jr Class  12 years to 15 years of age, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #9nh        Caleb Jarvis Comi               Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #404        Tucker Gauvin                      Essex, Vt

3rd       #99          Andrew Achilies                    Waitsfield Vt

L 206 Kids B Class 7 to 10 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #2            Cooper Cox                    Barre, Vt

2nd       #9            Ethan Jarvis Comi           Williamstown, Vt

3rd       #22          Preston O’Donnell           Bradford, Vt

L 206 Kids A Class, 8-12 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #46          Bryson Boutin              Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #51          Wesly Clark                 Sharon, Vt

3rd       #18x         Walker Fitch                 Marshfield, Vt

Shifter Class,  15 year olds and up, 80 cc honda cr80  engine with 6 speed transmission

1st        #55          Kevin Hebert                Barre, Vt

2nd       #9            Owen Cheney              Moretown, Vt

3rd       #51          Bryan Boutin                Williamstown, Vt

Kid Kart class, 4-6 year olds, Comer 50cc engine

We had 6 kids karts in attendance

Our next event is planned for Wed night August 10 2022

A gentle reminder, as you come to the track, and leave the track, please be respectful of our neighbors by observing the speed limit.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the track workers, without there help we wouldn’t be having so much fun.  When  you pass them in the pits,, thank them for their efforts, from the scoring tower, to the flagger to the pit steward,  emt, scales attendant, parking attendant, announcer, concession stand operators, and infield workers..   THANK YOU ALL.

Thank you to everyone that attended and we look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Jeff and Karen