Race Results June 11 2023

Good Morning Vt Shifter Karts Family

Our first race is now behind us.   As usual the first event is always a little bumpy as we try to work out the bugs of the first race of the year.  Now that the first event is behind us we will be working on a better process to make the day flow a little bit better.   We did start racing 35 minutes late, but we were finished racing with in the 2 hours I was hoping for.  Thank you to all of the track staff for their efforts on a tough day with several hiccups throughout the day.   Perseverance got us through the day and after the hiccups, the racing was amazing.   We have a good crop of new racers that will surely keep us on our toes as we teach them the basics of lineups, and coming to the green flag. 

Race Results from June 11 2023

Cadet B Class,   7-10 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine

1st        #25             Ryan Potter                           Barre, Vt

2nd      #22           Preston O’Donnell                 Bradford, Vt

3rd      #00            Calahan Farnham                 Barre, Vt

Cadet A Class   8-12 year olds  2 cycle 80 cc engine

1st        #81          Evan Folsom                         Barre, Vt

2nd       #46          Bryson Boutin                        Williamstown, Vt

3rd       #51          Wesly Clark                          Sharon, Vt

L 206 Sr Heavies 15 years old and up,, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #27          Cory Gillander                       Barre, Vt

2nd       #37          Jim Pauquette                       Isle La Monte

3rd       #99          Zachary Fassett                    Williamstown, Vt

L 206 Sr Lights  15 year olds and up,   Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #90          Brett Pierce                           Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #5            Brandon Tessier                   Barre, Vt

3rd       #112         Garrett Lavoie                       Swanton, Vt

L 206 Jr Class  12 years to 15 years of age, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #99          Andrew Achilies                    Waitsfield, Vt

2nd       #5            Treyton Marshall                   Barre, Vt

3rd       #11           Calvin Noel                            Essex, Vt

L 206 Kids B Class 7 to 10 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #83          Liam Garrish                         Barre, Vt

2nd       #44          Weston Fregeau                    Burlington, Vt

3rd       #7             Zyris Marshall                        Barre, Vt

L 206 Kids A Class, 8-12 year olds, Briggs and Stratton Engine

1st        #51          Wesly Clark                 Sharon, Vt

2nd       #46          Bryson Boutin              Williamstown, Vt

3rd       #48           Owen Dupuis               Washington, Vt

Shifter Class,  15 year olds and up, 80 cc honda cr80  engine with 6 speed transmission

1st        #51          Brian Boutin                  Williamstown, Vt

2nd       #88          Brandon Emerson        East Calais, Vt

3rd       #44           Chris Couture               Barre, Vt

Kid Kart class, 4-6 year olds, Comer 50cc engine

We had  kids karts in attendance

Our next event is planned for Sunday late afternoon June 25 2023

A gentle reminder, as you come to the track, and leave the track, please be respectful of our neighbors by observing the speed limit.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Jeff, Karen, Nick, Meredith,

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