August 4 2021 Race Results

Good Morning Vt Shifter karts Family,

Great turn out last evening with 59 karts in the pits and a few hundred spectators, and a very friendly mother nature who provided a beautiful night for racing. 


              Schedule Change.  ( no one was to excited about racing on Mondays)  Here is the schedule for the rest of our season.

                        Wed Night Aug 11 2021   Cadet Endurance Event  A and B

                           Wed Night Aug 18 2021   L 206 Kids A and B

                           Wed Night Aug 25 2021   

                           Wed Night Sept 8 2021

                          Sunday Afternoon Sept 12 2021  Fun Day / Awards BBQ

Still qualified with subject to change…

Race Results from Aug 4 2021

L 206 Senior B class   (15 years of age and up)

1st        #17      Travis Ingraham       South Royalton, Vt  King of the Ridge

2st          #76      Steve Bennett               Williamstown, Vt

3nd         #37      Jim Paquett                  Isle Lamonte, Vt

4rd          #107    Joel Grimes                  Isle Lamonte, Vt

5th          #99      Zach Fassett                 Williamstown, Vt

6th          #15      Levi Mulligan                 Marshfield, Vt

7th          #199    Travis Porier                 Fairfax, Vt

8th        #43       Josh Foster                   Burlington, Vt

9th        #14       Bill Lemieux                  Barre, Vt

L 206 Seniors A class  (15 years of age and up)

1st          #27        Cory Gillander                 Barre, Vt   King of the Ridge

2nd         #5        Brandon Tessier            Barre, Vt

3rd          #90     Brett Pierce                   Williamstown, Vt

4th          #13      Nathan Royea               Barre, Vt

5th          #11      Brad Griffin                   Williamstown, Vt

L 206 Kids A Class  (7-10 year olds)  15 lap feature

1st          18x        Walker Fitch              Marshfield, Vt   King of the Ridge

2nd         #12      Lynkin Porier                   Fairfax, Vt

3rd          #86      Brayden Hatch              White River, Vt

4th          #46      Bryson Boutin               Williamstown, Vt

5th          #51      Wesly Clark                  Sharon, Vt

6th          #87      Aaden Morgan              South Royalton, Vt

L206 Kids B Class (7-10 year olds)  15 Lap Feature

1st          #55        Natalie Clark                Sharon, Vt   Queen of the Ridge

2nd         #80      Malchi Young                Barre, Vt

3rd          #4       Treyton Marshall           Barre, Vt

4th          #48      Owen Dupuis                Washington, Vt

5th          #22      Preston O’Donnell         Bradford, Vt

6th          #3       Tyler Lemieux               Barre, Vt

8th          #23        Madison Potter               Marshfield, Vt

9th        $84       Evan Folsom

L 206 Junior A Class  ( 10-15 year olds     15 Lap Feature

1st          #14      Holly Hebert                  Barre, Vt   Queen of the Ridge

2nd         #9        Owen Cheney               Moretown, Vt

3rd          #11     Calvin Noel                   Essex, Vt

4th          #33      Brayden Murphy            Barre, Vt

L 206 Junior B Class (10-15 year olds)   15 Lap Feature

1st          #4        Tucker Gauvin              Essex, Vt   King of the Ridge

2nd         #9nh    Caleb Comi Jarvis         Williamstown, Vt

3rd          #99     Andrew Achilles             Colchester, Vt

4th          #11x    Levi Maramore              Barre, Vt

5th        #66       Isaiah Ludlam               Jay, Vt

Cadet A Class (7-12 year olds)   15 Lap Feature

1st          #51      Wesly Clark                  Sharon, Vt   King of the Ridge

2nd         #18x    Walker Fitch                  Marshfield, Vt

3rd          #46      Bryson Boutin               Williamstown, Vt

4th          #27      Will Marcotte                 Bakersfield, Vt

5th          #46      Bryson Boutin               Williamstown, Vt

Cadet B Class (7-12 year olds)  15 Lap Feature

1st          #55        Natalie Clark                Sharon, Vt   Queen of the Ridge

2nd        #10       Brit Foster                        Burlington Vt

3rd         #80        Malachi Young                Barre, Vt

4th         #3          Grayson Murphy             Barre, Vt

Shifters Class (15 years old and up)  20 min. Boulder Endurance race

1st          #5        Brandon Tessier        Barre, Vt 70 laps  King of the Ridge

2nd         #9          Owen Cheney                 Moretown, Vt              69 laps

3rd          #28       Brad Griffen                Williamstown, Vt              66 laps

4th          #14      Holly Hebert                  Barre, Vt                        63 laps

5th        #36   Teagan Atkins    Barre, Vt 71 laps,,  DQ,  didn’t make weight

Kid Kart Clas, (4, 5, and 6 year olds)

We had 6 in attendance .

Take note of the Schedule change above.

See  you all on Wed Aug 11 2021

Jeff and karen Blow

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