Rocky Ridge Race Results July 28 2021

Good Morning Vt Shifter Karts Family,

Mother Nature gave us a beautiful night for kart racing at Rocky Ridge.  With 57 karts in the pits preparing for competition, it was sure to have some level of excitement.  The L206 Jr class have been preparing for their 20 minute Boulder Endurance race and tonight was their night to shine.   We seem to have the bugs worked out of the announcing over the PA system and the FM 99.1 simultaneously.    With spectators welcome for FREE admission,,  the front stretch hill and the backstretch hill seem to be filling up.  I noticed a group of atv riders that brought their grill and tailgated at the race last night. 

The racing was really good with many moments of our young drivers showing off their skills.  The L206 Jr class,,   with winner crossed the line  .061 ahead of the second place kart,     In all the other classes they enjoyed extended laps for their feature events as well.   All in all, it was an exciting night at the track with some high points,, and of course it would be racing if you didn’t have some low points…….

Race Results July 28 2021

L 206 Senior B class   (15 years of age and up)

1st        #107     Joel Grimes                  Isle LaMonte, Vt

2st          #37        Jim Pauquette                 Isle La Monte, Vt

3nd         #17      Travis Ingraham            South Royalton, Vt

4rd          #15     Levi Mulligan                 Marshfield, Vt

5th          #199    Travis Porier                 Fairfax, Vt

6th          #99      Zach Fassett                 Williamstown, Vt

7th          #78      Steve Bennet                Williamstown, Vt

L 206 Seniors A class  (15 years of age and up)

1st          #27        Cory Gillander                 Barre, Vt

2nd         #11      Brad Griffin                      Williamstown, Vt

3rd          #5       Brandon Tessier                 Barre, Vt

4th          #13      Nathan Royea               Barre, Vt

5th          #90      Brett Pierce                   Barre, Vt

L 206 Kids A Class  (7-10 year olds)  15 lap feature

1st          18x        Walker Fitch                  Marshfield, Vt

2nd         #12      Lynkin Porier                   Fairfax, Vt

3rd          #46     Bryson Boutin               Williamstown, Vt

4th          #87      Aaden Morgan              South Royalton, Vt

5th          #86      Brayden Hatch              White River, Vt

6th          #51      Wesly Clark                  Sharon, Vt

L206 Kids B Class (7-10 year olds)  15 Lap Feature

1st          #55        Natalie Clark                    Sharon, Vt

2nd         #4          Treyton Marshall            Barre, Vt

3rd          #48     Owen Dupuis                Washington, Vt

4th          #80        Malachi Young                Barre, Vt

5th          #25      Ryan Potter                  Barre, Vt

6th          #23      Maddison Potter            Marshfield, Vt

8th          #23        Madison Potter               Marshfield, Vt

L 206 Junior A Class  ( 10-15 year olds    

20 minute Boulder Endurance Race,   55 laps

1st          #9          Owen Cheney                 Moretown, Vt

2nd         #11      Calvin Noel                   Essex, Vt

3rd          #33     Brayden Murphy            Barre, Vt

4th          #14      Holly Hebert                  Barre, Vt

L 206 Junior B Class (10-15 year olds) 

20 minute Boulder Endurance Race  55 laps

1st          #9nh    Caleb Comi Jarvis         Williamstown, Vt

2nd         #4        Tucker Gauvin              Essex, Vt

3rd          #66        Isaiah Ludlam                  Jay Peak, Vt

4th          #11x    Levi Maramore              Barre, Vt

5th        #99       Andrew Achilies             Burlington Vt

Cadet A Class (7-12 year olds)   15 Lap Feature

1st          #51      Wesly Clark                  Sharon, Vt

2nd         #48      Owen Dupuis                Washington, Vt

3rd          #46     Bryson Boutin               Williamstown, Vt

4th          #27      Will Marcotte                 Bakersfield, Vt

5th          #18x    Walker Fitch                  Marshfield, Vt

Cadet B Class (7-12 year olds)  15 Lap Feature

1st          #55        Natalie Clark                    Sharon, Vt

2nd         #80        Malachi Young                Barre, Vt

3rd          #3          Grayson Murphy             Barre, Vt

Shifters Class (15 years old and up)  15 Lap Feature

1st          #36        Teagan Atkins                  Northfield, Vt

2nd         #9          Owen Cheney                 Moretown, Vt

3rd          #28       Brad Griffen                Williamstown, Vt

4th          #14      Holly Hebert                  Barre, Vt

Kid Kart Clas, (4, 5, and 6 year olds)

We had 7 in attendance .

Our next event is Wed. August 4 2021

Pit gates open at 4 pm

Practice at 5 pm

Pit meeting at 6 pm

Post time 6:15 pm.

We are working on a schedule for the rest of our race dates, and the remaining endurance races, stay tunned

Hope to see you all at the next event,

Jeff and karen blow

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